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Babes in The Dirt-East Coast

Babes in The Dirt-East Coast


Coaches and bikes can come to you. Now THAT's a party!


Ladies Off-road Weekend! See details below

Dirt Bike Rentals



Want to come play at Over And Out this year but don't have a dirt bike? Flying to the East Coast from out of town? No Trailer/Truck? We've got you covered!

DC Dirt Camp is proud to be contributing to this outstanding women's moto event by providing rental bikes this year!

We are bringing our fleet of small displacement Hondas to Pennsylvania for you! Your rental includes not only the bike, but also gear for your use. Helmet, goggles, elbows, shin/knee pads and fuel are all included in the rental price. Just BYO boots, and gloves. Wear long pants and long sleeve shirt. 

The bikes in our fleet include:

Honda CRF 125 F

Honda CRF 125 F Big Wheel

Honda CRF 150 F

Honda CRF 230 F

June 26-28, 2020

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