Weekday Mornings for all ages skill levels!

Mini Mid-week Classes 

Choose From 6 Upcoming Dates

For kids, teens, parents, or anyone who needs to get out of the house! For those have no or very little experience on a dirt bike. These are abbreviated versions of our classes only; But will get you offline and outside!

A fun reward after all that online learning/work!

  • June        11,17,18, 23,24,25    

KIDs Classes

Ages 6-11

Choose From 7 Upcoming Dates

For kids who have no experience on a motorcycle. Students ride small displacement (50,110cc) semi-auto bikes; foot shifter but no hand clutch

  • July 2,5

  • September 12

  • October 10,12

  • November 7,15



Adults & Kids Ages 12+

Choose From 6 Upcoming Dates

For students who have never ridden a motorcycle. We provide a small displacement (125-230cc) bikes with a manual clutch for each rider.

  • June  21

  • July 5

  • September 11, 26

  • October 12

  • November 7



Adults & Kids Ages 12+

Choose From 4 Upcoming Dates

For kids and adults ages 12 and up who have taken a "New Rider" class or already have some experience with a motorcycle clutch and need more seat time and instruction.

  • June 20

  • August 30

  • September 27

  • November 8



Adults & Kids Ages 16+

Choose From 7 Upcoming Dates

For ages 16+ who already use a motorcycle clutch smoothly but want to get exposure to off-road riding and skills for low traction situations.

  • June 6

  • July 4

  • September 12,25

  • October 10

  • November 11,15


Discount Dirtbike Classes

Adults & Kids Ages 16+

Choose From 6 Upcoming Dates

Select weekdays we offer $50 off regular priced class;   Different levels on different dates so everyone has a chance to come ride and save this season!

  • KIDs: 7/2

  • New Riders: 9/11

  • Beyond Basics:  10/9 

  • Clutch Capable:  6/19, 8/28, 9/25

  • Vets & Active Duty: 11/6


INTRO to ADVenture

Adults & Kids Ages 16+

Choose From 4 Upcoming Dates

For students who have a “big bike” but are not 100% comfortable taking it off road (yet). Bring your own Adventure or dual-sport bike. 


  • July 3

  • August 29th

  • September 13

  • October 11

Intermediate Adv - Women's Clinic

ONE Date Only

For female riders who have some confidence off-road, and want to ease into the Advanced skills weekend with AdvWoman - Pat Jacques (or single day, stand alone class).

  • October 23

Advanced Adv Weekend

Adults & Kids Ages 16+

ONE Weekend Only

Co-ed class for the well practiced rider who wants to test out her/his camping gear, and hone off-road skills in challenging & supportive environment. Hosted on 50+ Acres of private land with challenging wooded trails!

  • October 24-25