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Motocross Riders


Riding dirt bikes makes you cool 

(But see below for frequently asked questions)

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  • How much is a dirt bike class?
    Our dirt bike (little bike) classes are $298 per person for the Level 1, 2, or 3. Ticket price includes the use of helmet, elbow/shin/knee pads, a full day of instruction AND the bike (fuel too). We do offer Discount dirt bike dates on select weekdays for $258.
  • How much does the Intro to ADVenture cost?
    $350 and you must be an AMA member (American Motorcyclist Association). We can sign you up onsite for a $20 single-day membership or a $49 year long membership. You can also become a member or renew online prior to class and bring your new number.
  • Do you offer a military discount?
    Yes! We give ACTIVE DUTY members 10% off throughout the year. Just email us ( to get the code and be sure to bring your ID to class with you so we can verify on site and thank you for serving our country.
  • Do you offer group or family discounts?
    We don't have a specific discount for our regularly scheduled classes, however we would be happy to add a date that works for your group. Dirt Camp has the most flexibility/availability on weekdays therefore we can offer classe better potential discount Mon-Fri (excludes holidays). Email for current one, two, or three day training price schedules. Dirt Bike or Adventure bike private group events are options. Just reach out!
  • Where are you located?
    We have recently moved West of Washington, D.C. between Front Royal and Winchester. We're just off routes i66 and i81 in the Shenandoah Valley. Specific directions and addresses will be emailed to you directly after you register for class, about a week ahead of time.
  • Where is your advance Adv training held?
    Our Intro to Adv classes are held on our property about 90 minutes West from Washington, DC between Front Royal and Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley. Specific address and directions are provided after registration. Stay tuned for our capstone course location as we are revamping it and looking for alternative big bike adventure play grounds!
  • We live far from Dirt Camp, where can we stay?"
    Airbnb is always a good option. Check in the Virginia towns of Middletown, Strasburg for the closest hotels (less than 10 minutes). If you're looking for more options for dining/shopping/activities check out Front Royal or Winchester VA. They are both about 25 mins away but bigger metropolitan regions. There is a cute Bed & Breakfast just minutes from DC Dirt Camp called The Wayside Inn We have a few primitive camping spots on site for tents or hammock campers. Just email for details. If you are looking for something with more amenities check out : North Fork Resort Association
  • Can I just rent a bike and ride without taking a class?
    In short, no. Our insurance is tied to training. Also the bikes don't leave the riding area without a coach. For ladies, there are some great opportunity to rent and ride in Hampton, NJ as well as Tamaqua, PA where we will be providing rentals at Over-and-Out. These are two ALL WOMEN off-road camping/riding events on the East Coast in 2023
  • I'm hosting a camping/Adventure bike/Jeep/scouting event, can you bring motorcycles my guests can rent?"
    Not exactly. Our insurance is tied to teach with the bikes, but we can come to you for a group lesson. We have capacity to carry about 8 dirt bikes at once and the flexibility to go just about anywhere in the continental US. A couple caveats: it would have to be when we do not already have classes scheduled, and we would have to give a class to ensure proficiency with a manual clutch.
  • I want to do a corporate off-site learning event, can you bring bikes to that?"
    Yes! We would love to come to you and engage a small group in a new activity. Dirt biking only seems like a solo sport. We emphasize the value of teamwork when riding off-road. We can accommodate up to 16 people in a class. Please email us to set something up.
  • Can I drop my kid off or should I plan to stay all day with her/him?
    Depends on the age of your child. For classes ages 12+ you are not required to stay but we leave it to your discretion and understanding of your own child's needs. Our experience is anyone under ~14 could use a parent to help out with gear and lunches etc.
  • I want to take class at the same time as my child. Can we do that?
    It depends on the age of the child and the date/type of the class. All of our classes are for ages 12+ classes (where adults are also mixed in). However, if your child is under age 12 then you'll have to wait until they get older. If you are already a street rider, you may be a little bored in the Level 1 class. But after your child learns the basics, we could probably challenge you both in the Level 2 class. At this time, we don't have a little kids (ages 6-11) program. Stay tuned as we hope to bring back the little bikes eventually once we grow an appropriate staff and acquire more bikes.
  • I have a 10 year old and 12 year old, can they take class together?"
    Not at this time. We are only enrolling students aged 12 and up.
  • Can all of my kids and I ride together, family class? Private class?"
    Again, if over again 12. If you want to join your kids, or none of the dates work for you, may be able to accommodate a private family class. Especially if you are looking for a weekday. Our weekends are pretty booked- but please email us and we'll see what we can arrange. See group pricing above.
  • My kids will still be online learning from home. Or I work from home. Can we get them out of the house and come to class?"
    YES! We offer classes on most Fridays in conjunction with our weekend scheduled classes. We want to help with the cabin fever!
  • Can I bring my own gear for Covid (or other) reasons?
    Absolutely! If you have your own helmet and pads bring them! If not, we've got you covered with a helmet, elbow, and shin/knee pads. During these post-pandemic times, we ask that you bring your own eye protection (Sunglasses, Rx glasses, or goggles) as well as snug fitting gloves that will allow ample finger dexterity. We sanitize our gear between classes but goggles and gloves are hard to clean in the field. So we ask you bring your own for eyes and hands.
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