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We Provide the Bike & Gear!

Helmets, Elbow pads, Shin + Knee protection and the Dirt Bike are all INCLUDED!

(We ask you to BYO sunglass/Rx glasses and snug fitting gloves as these are difficult to sanitize between classes)


New Rider Class

Ages 12+

Level 1


Beyond Basics

Ages 12+

Level 2


Clutch Capable

Ages 16+

Level 3


Discount Dirt Bike Days!

Ages 12+

Class level varies - see calendar

  • For students who have never ridden a motorcycle. We provide a small displacement (125-250cc) bikes with a manual clutch for each rider.

  • The objectives of this class is for each student to learn the basics of throttle & clutch control, shifting, turning, and balancing a dirt bike.

  • Students MUST be able to ride a bicycle proficiently before attending class.

  • For kids and adults ages 12 and up who have taken a "New Rider" class or already have some experience with a motorcycle clutch.

  • Reviewing fundamental skills, especially smooth clutch/shifting, mastering standing on foot pegs, getting more practice time with each skill and having fun are the objectives in this beginner class.

  • The best way to get good ON road, is to learn to ride OFF road!

  • This class is for riders who already use a motorcycle clutch smoothly but want to get exposure to dirt bikes and learn skills for low traction situations.

  • Aimed at road-riders who need confidence on gravel roads, and those who want to become skilled Adventure riders.

  • Enjoy practicing on our light-weight, long-travel-suspension dirt bikes. Leave your heavy street bike at home!

(Come drop our bikes instead of yours!) 

(Then come back for an Adventure Bike class)

  • Save $40 per student by coming to class on a weekday!  

  • New Riders (Level 1):   3/17, 4/7, 4/21

  • Beyond Basics (Level 2):   3/24 5/26

  • Clutch Capable (Level 3):  3/3, 4/14, 5/5

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