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Women Adventure riders

Street tires are fine for this class. Street gear is fine too! We recommend hand guards and crash bars on your bike prior to class, but it's not required. 

Dropping adventure bikes is ok

Adventure Bike Classes


Intro to Adv

Ages 16+

  • For students who have a “big bike” but are not comfortable taking it off road (yet). Adventure bikes or dual-sport bikes welcome. Street tires & street gear are fine for this introductory level class.

  • The objectives of this class is for each student to learn the fundamentals of throttle control & clutch finesse to keep their heavy bike "in balance". Additional skills include: shifting while standing, negotiating tight turns with counter balancing, and mastering off-camber terrain, all off tarmac.

  • Must be AMA members

  • Student provides her/his own bike.

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